Bartenders are Keno Winners Too

Gal walks into a bar, buys a Keno ticket and wins. That’s the simple version of the story. Here’s the rest, Debbie Marcum is a bartender and Keno player at the American Legion Fiebirch, Post #397, in Vermilion. As she told our regional staff she was, “TOO excited when she won $4,100 on Keno Booster!” 

Bartender Debbie Marcum makes that check look good!

Debbie knew she could boost her Keno winnings up to ten times with BOOSTER, the Ohio Lottery’s popular Keno add-on game.* So when she put in her Keno wager she added BOOSTER and walked away $4,100 richer.

As Lucy Vollmer, one of our outstanding regional representatives said, “She was all excited! She wanted pictures taken and when she came to the regional office to file the claim. She took pictures at our front window too!”

Check out the background to see another great example of announcing and promoting Keno winners with signage.

*To play BOOSTER just add one dollar for every Keno dollar you wager. The BOOSTER number comes up right before every Keno drawing.

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A Retailer Never Forgets!

Hey, Ohio Lottery retailers.  Effective July 1, the only place to watch the Classic Lotto drawing is on the web! Visit for more details and learn about our new TV partners in Cleveland, Dayton and Toledo.

We just wanted to remind you:

  • The Ohio Lottery will be moving its Classic Lotto broadcast to its website ( effective July 1, 2011.
  • Starting July 1, the Ohio Lottery’s Cash Explosion game show and live drawings can be seen on a new channel in the Cleveland, Dayton and Toledo areas. Visit for more details. 

Cleveland   WKYC-TV, Channel 3 (NBC)

Dayton        WRGT-TV, Channel 45 (FOX) /WKEF-TV, Channel 22 (ABC)

Toledo         WTVG-TV, Channel 13 (ABC)

Earlier this month we talked on the blog about the changes being made to the Ohio Lottery’s carrier stations and Classic Lotto viewing. We’re sure you noticed the terminal messages, Ticket Seller articles and PAD ads too. Don’t forget, in one more week, the switch will be happening!

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Keno Sales Increase

Keno retailers, give yourselves a high-five… well that’s just a clap, but you get the idea! 

Thanks to your hard work, we’ve seen significant growth in Keno sales. Check out the unaudited Fiscal Year increases in Keno sales by day versus Fiscal Year 2010:

The work never stops at Red Circle Lanes in Parma.

  • Mondays: $4,129,600
  • Tuesdays: $4,179,191
  • Wednesdays: $4,608,122
  • Thursdays: $5,261,399
  • Fridays: $6,966,124
  • Saturdays: $5,518,491
  • Sundays: $4,390,459

An overall Increase of $35,053,386 from Fiscal Year 2010. Thanks to all of our dedicated Keno retailers for your hard work and a job well done!

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Grand Opening of Our New Call Center

We just opened our new call center! The video below explains why this is good news for our retailers and players. Check it out and let us know what you think here on the blog.

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Where to Watch Ohio Lottery Drawings

Change the station, check out the website and don’t miss a draw!

Retailers! We want you to know about some exciting new changes coming in July. First, to watch our drawings on TV players in Cleveland, Dayton and Toledo are going to need to change the channel. Second, to watch Classic Lotto drawings, players are going to need to visit our website,

“We’re continuing to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of our audience,” said Interim Director Dennis Berg. “By moving the Classic Lotto broadcast to our website, our loyal base of Classic Lotto players can view the drawing at their convenience. They’re no longer tied to their televisions. They can watch the drawings from their computers, or even a mobile device.”

Ohio Lottery drawings are aired Monday through Friday at 7:29 p.m., and on Saturday during the game show.

  • The first evening drawing with our new broadcast partners airs on Friday, July 1, 2011.
  • The first Cash Explosion show airs with new broadcast partners on Saturday, July 2, 2011. It will be aired on the new stations at its regular time on Saturdays, 7:30 p.m.
  • Also on Saturday July 2, 2011 the first Classic Lotto drawing will be viewable on

Below is a complete list of stations and markets that will broadcast the evening Lottery drawings and game show:

  • WKYC-TV3, NBC Cleveland
  • WTVG-TV13, ABC Toledo
  • WRGT-TV45, FOX/WKEF-TV22 ABC Dayton
  • WSAZ-TV3, Huntington
  • WHIZ-TV18, Zanesville
  • WFMJ-TV21,Youngstown
  • WTOV-TV9, Steubenville
  • WCPO-TV9, Cincinnati
  • WTTE-TV28/WSYX-TV6, Columbus
  • ELIO-TV9/EOHL-TV11/WOHL-TV12, Lima
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Tips for Responsible Lottery Retailing

The Ohio Lottery encourages its retailers to maintain ethical and responsible selling practices of lottery products.  While we encourage the promotion of lottery games, there are several important points to remember:

  1. The Ohio Lottery is committed to enforcing its “Ticket Sales to Minors” Policy. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to buy lottery tickets and every attempt should be made to deter underage purchase. When in doubt, ask for identification.
  2. Retailers should commit to train store employees on the law concerning underage gambling and how to properly check identification.
  3. Signage should be posted in stores to indicate the minimum age to purchase lottery products.
  4. Retailers should commit to sell all lottery games ethically. Retailers must not make misleading statements about odds, prizes or any other aspect of Ohio Lottery games and must not guarantee prizes or payouts.
  5. Lottery games should be played for fun and entertainment. For most players lottery games are a form of recreation, but some people play to excess. While it is difficult to know if a person has a gambling problem, retailers and clerks should have basic knowledge about compulsive gambling.
  6. Relevant information about responsible play and where to get help if you suspect you or someone you know has a gambling problem should be displayed and available. Retail employees need to be aware that the Problem Gamblers’ Helpline number — 800-589-9966 – is printed on instant tickets and other Lottery products. Information and brochures on responsible play and problem gambling may be obtained from the Lottery’s Communications Department by calling 216-774-5685.
  7. Lottery retailers are required to collect payment at the moment products are sold. Any wagers sold on credit or delayed payment is a violation of Lottery policy and is the responsibility of the agent.
  8. Lottery retailers have the right to refuse the sale of Lottery products.

If you, as a retailer, need further assistance, information or have questions, please contact the Ohio Lottery.

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What say when Players don’t Win

What do you say to a player who doesn’t win?

Not every ticket can be a winner, it’s great to be able to respond positively when customers aren’t having the luck they hoped for when they sat down to play. Here are some examples of what some successful agents say when a player has a non – winning experience.

Michelle just won $100, but she played two non-winners first.

  • You came close; I thought for sure you had a winner there!
  • If you had one more winning ticket, you would have been our “fourth” winner this week. (Be sure to use the appropriate number.)
  • Sorry you didn’t win. Don’t forget to enter your ticket in our second chance drawing.
  • Suggest a new ticket to the customer. “Try a ____. We paid out $___ to winners so far this week.”

Players like to win, but we all have off days. An encouraging word from you may be all a player needs to leave your location feeling like a winner. Positive feedback helps, as does a friendly comment, not all our tickets are winners but all of our Ohio Lottery players and your customers are, remind them of how great they should feel.

Another reminder that may put players at ease is knowing that all Lottery profits support education in the state of Ohio so even if they didn’t win, the students of Ohio did and that’s something we can all feel good about.

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